I'm sure you're all familiar with the quite recent NLMA hiatus due to me constructing a home basically.

I tried keeping you posted on the development (and it's effect on the return of NLMA). This might be one of the last posts considering that whole 'first life' experience. We're there. Yup, the house is finished (sort of) and we've moved in.

Sure, tonnes of stuff is yet to be done. A garden or some grass around the house would be nice. And that IKEA kitchen will some day be fully installed. But hey, we have a roof, electricity and running water. What more can one ask for. Oh, yes, hot running water. I knew I forgot something. Ah well, worries for later I guess.

I added this nice picture to give you an idea of where I'm typing this post:

New house pano

As for the upcoming NLMA episode. Don't worry. I' have scheduled this and the beginning of next week to handle some stuff a the house, but after that I have a couple of days left so'll I'll be sending out a new episode really soon.

Thanks for the patience and all of the kind encouraging words that supported me throughout this whole endeavor!