I had this interesting idea recently. How about a little utility that would display images at random in a little window. A bit HUD like, like in Aperture. The window would get the images from iPhoto/Aperture.

Goal of the app would be for me to be able to slowly have all my images tagged. I could tag once in a while when I'm busy doing other stuff. If any dev out there sees himself doing this, feel free...

The app could get it's images by use of a smartfolder, filtering all images that aren't tagged yet.

There could also be an iPhone addition so that you could take a bunch of pictures with you and you'd be able to tag them along the way when you have some time to kill.



The app should have some preferences such as:

  • choose the source: iPhoto/Aperture
  • choose the max amount of tags an image can have to appear in the slideshow.
  • The 'pause' time before the little slideshow moves on to display another image.